Areas of Expertise and Articles

Areas of Expertise and Articles

Business Valuation & Litigation Support

Expert Witness, Financial Forensics, Valuation & Economic Damages Review, and Consulting Expert Services 

For articles relating to business valuation and litigation support, see National Litigation Consultants' Review at: NLCR Articles Index, Business Valuation Update at:, and the Journal of Business Valuation and Economic Loss Analysis at:  Click below for articles on defining forensic services, captive insurance, commercial liability and valuing multi-tiered entities.

Fraud and Forensics Goulash

Valuing Multi-Tiered Entities



Captive Insurance & Commercial Liability


For videos relating to business valuation and litigation support, see the NACVA Video Network on YouTube. Click below for videos provided by Ms. Masten.

Stark Compliant Fair Market Value Opinions for Practice Valuations, and Employment and Contracted Physician Compensation Arrangements

Tax Compliance Valuations: Gifting, Estate, Built-In-Gain For S-Elections, 409A Reporting

Marital Asset Tracing to Establish the Existence of Separate Property

Provide Rule 702 (Daubert) Hearing Opinions

Purchase Price Allocation and Goodwill Impairment Testing for Financial Reporting Purposes